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Business Owners Policy (BOP) Insurance in Fort Worth, TX

Although such situations may be unpleasant to think about, your business must account for risks and exposures that could lead to costly incidents. Effective loss control measures should be considered a top priority for your company, regardless of how diligent or cautious you and your employees may be. An adequate insurance portfolio can be an invaluable investment in the face of losses that might otherwise be catastrophic, and a business owner’s insurance policy (BOP) is a great start.

What Is a BOP?

BOPs can form the core of your company’s insurance portfolio by including several key coverages that may transcend industry lines and operational specifics. These arrangements are typically intended for small- and medium-sized businesses and may provide a convenient and cost-effective solution to address many common risks and exposures.

What Is Covered Under a BOP?

BOPs may often be customized to suit your company’s specific needs, but these arrangements typically include the following components:

  • General liability insurance may help your company pay for third-party losses and expenses arising from incidents for which you were at fault, such as the following:
    • Bodily injury
    • Property damage
    • Personal and advertising injury (e.g., slander, libel, false advertising and intentional copyright infringement)
  • Commercial property insurance may provide financial assistance if an incident affects your company’s physical property, including the following:
    • Buildings
    • Electronics
    • Equipment
    • Inventory
    • Signage
    • Landscaping
    • Furniture
  • Business interruption insurance may compensate your company following a disruption of its normal operations, such as by paying for the following:
    • Rent
    • Mortgage payments
    • Lost income
    • Payroll
    • Loan payments
    • Tax payments

In some cases, augmenting your BOP with additional types of insurance coverage, such as workers’ compensation and commercial auto insurance, may also be possible.

Get the Right Coverage

At Cornerstone Independent Insurance Agency LLC, our dedicated staff has specialized experience serving businesses, families and individuals in the Fort Worth area. We will work with you to assess and address your coverage needs before crafting optimal policies capable of securing your finances and future. Contact us today to begin.

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