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Commercial Property Insurance in Fort Worth, TX

Your business must account for many risks and exposures to maintain smooth and consistent operations. In many cases, planning for potential incidents must include implementing and maintaining financial protection for your company’s physical property. Even if you conduct much of your business online in cyberspace, various assets, such as electronic devices and office furniture, are integral to operations. With this in mind, adequate commercial property insurance should be prioritized.

What Is Commercial Property Insurance?

As its name suggests, commercial property insurance can financially safeguard your organization’s physical property. Your policy’s exact capabilities and limitations may vary, but covered incidents typically include fires, explosions, vandalism, theft and some weather-related incidents. As such, your company may be able to recoup losses involving damages sustained by the following:

  • Structures
  • Electronics
  • Equipment
  • Tools
  • Inventory
  • Furniture
  • Signage
  • Landscaping

How Much Does Commercial Property Insurance Cost?

The cost of adequate commercial property insurance may vary significantly. When assessing your coverage needs and compiling an accurate quote, insurance companies may consider the following criteria:

  • Location
  • Industry
  • Business assets
  • Annual revenue
  • Workforce size
  • Prior claims history
  • Policy details (e.g., coverage limits and deductibles)

When Is Commercial Property Insurance Required?

Commercial property insurance is generally not required by law; however, your enterprise may be subject to other obligations. For example, if you rent your office space, your landlord may require you to have minimum amounts of coverage. Similarly, if you’ve purchased your premises using a mortgage, your lender may require you to carry insurance throughout the duration of your loan.

Get the Right Coverage

With over 20 years of experience helping businesses, families and individuals in the Fort Worth area secure optimal coverage, the team at Cornerstone Independent Insurance Agency LLC is well-equipped to serve your company. Contact us today to get started.

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