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Trucking Insurance in Fort Worth, TX

Trucking insurance is designed to help provide financial protection for businesses in the trucking industry. It may help protect against the unique risks truckers and trucking companies face.

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How Does Trucking Insurance Work?

Trucking insurance policies may cover a range of risks, including vehicle damage, cargo loss, accidents, liability issues and more.green semi trucks

Texas companies that use vehicles to conduct business must maintain minimum amounts of commercial auto liability insurance. Large vehicles—like semi-trucks—must also adhere to federal insurance regulations. Your agent can help you understand how state and federal insurance laws apply to your business.

Depending on your chosen policies, your commercial truck insurance may help cover third-party accident-related injury and property damage claims up to the policy’s limits. It may also help pay to repair or replace your truck after an accident. Working closely with your agent to tailor your coverage when designing your company’s trucking insurance coverage is crucial.

Depending on your needs, your agent may recommend additional policies such as cargo coverage, trailer interchange coverage and bobtail insurance.

Your company’s trucking insurance is a contract with an insurer. If your company is involved in an accident, you can file a claim with your insurer to receive financial protection according to your policy’s terms.

How Much is Commercial Trucking Insurance in Texas?

It’s essential to get a personalized quote for the most accurate pricing, but the following are some factors that influence the cost of trucking insurance:

  • Type of truck and cargo—The nature of the truck and the type of cargo being hauled play a significant role in determining insurance costs. High-value or hazardous cargo typically leads to higher premiums.
  • Driver’s record and experience—A clean driving record and extensive experience can help lower insurance costs.
  • Coverage limits and deductibles—Higher coverage limits and lower deductibles may increase the cost of the policy but provide more financial protection.

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